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Naturism – A Wholesome Way of Life

Naturism is a way of life, just like heritage and cultures all over the world. It may not be as widely known to most people, and sometimes it can be passed off as a fad, but it is more known than most people think. Like all things in life, it takes time to learn about other ways of life and to embrace them.

Why would someone want to be nude out in the open where the world can see them? All of us have at least a little naturist inclination inside. No one was born with clothes on. Most children have at least one story told by their parents of them taking off their diaper or clothes and running about the house or even the neighbourhood naked. Some of those children would remember saying, “It was a freeing experience.” If the parent handled the situation well, without embarrassing the child, a way of life may have been set in motion and the naturist was born, even if it wouldn’t be apparent for years to come.

Naturism isn’t entirely about being naked, though. The root of the word does imply a connection with being among nature. Many people enjoy gardening, strolling through the park, swimming, taking care of animals living alongside us or just lying on your back on the beach watching the clouds roll by. Being naked while doing these things is considered by most naturists as being as natural as the plants and animals around them.

So, there you go, naturism is intrinsically natural, yet it is more than that. Naturism can be a way of life, although there are different ways of enjoying it. No one should tell another person how to live, but within a naturist environment, there is an etiquette that should be practised to allow the enjoyment of naturism by everyone. It can be difficult to find places to go and to find others who enjoy naturism. That’s where the Federation of Canadian Naturists can inform people about awareness of naturist clubs, beaches and events, as well convey specific information for children, young adults, women, and family. An experienced naturist can help guide the way to a wholesome life lasting experience through the use of the forum here as well. 

Some have never heard of naturism or naturist values and think that being naked implies provocative sexual intent, but this isn’t the usual feeling of those in the naturist lifestyle. You can't always change their opinion, but hopefully, they will learn to respect those with a different point of view. 

People have varying reasons for becoming naturists. Removal of clothing is very freeing to many people and takes away the status factors that clothing suggests. Others are drawn in by the friendships that they create with people who share similar interests. Some - especially women - come into naturism with a desire to improve their own body image. The expectation that only swimsuit models would go to a club or take part in an event is often put to rest upon the person's first time at one of these events. At an event they see and meet people of the same type and background as themselves, creating a better sense of self-esteem and belonging. 

Naturism is a lifestyle like heritage and cultures anywhere. Naturism brings together people of every nationality, cultural/ religious background, and also sexual orientation. How they live the lifestyle becomes a sense of their own including and sharing their experience with others. Some take their clothes off the minute they walk in the door of their home, and others only in places such as the naturist resorts or clubs. We live in a textile world, of course, so living as a naturist isn't always possible. Values in one's own home are created by experience, and that gets passed to future generations just like heritage, culture and religion are passed on. However, like all of those things, a child raised with naturist values may stick with it for their entire life, raising future generations with the same values, or choose a different path and possibly return to a naturist lifestyle later.

It is not uncommon for a person with an initial interest in the naturist lifestyle to visit a club for the first time and end up sitting in a corner (usually clothed) watching the action around them. By the end of the day they’ve taken off their clothes, and joined in the activities. Sometimes within that visit, or the next one or two, they become full members (perhaps with their full family in tow), joining the community and embracing the lifestyle and the culture that goes with it.

But for those just looking for a straightforward answer to what a naturist lifestyle is, here it is: Do everything the same way in your everyday life, except without clothes.

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